National E-Infrastructure for Aging Research


June 7-8: Database Managers Meeting

The meeting will take place in Stockholm at the Aging Research Center.

March 9: First Steering Board Meeting

The first Steering Board meeting took place in Stockholm at the Aging Research Center.


December 2017: Decison on the grant consitions

Representatives of the host universities whose infrastructures have been awarded grants will be invited by VR to a discuss the conditions associated with the grants.

September 20: NEAR is awarded with the VR grant for research infrastructures

Around 1.2 billion SEK was allocated to research infrastructures who applied to the call for Grants for Infrastructure of National Interest, in spring 2017.

Link to infrastructures awarded.

March 07: VR grant deadline

February 01: VR grant call is out

Link to the grant


December 07: Second Vetenskapsrådet (VR) information meeting

The Secretary for Research Infrastructures, Bjorn Halleröd, provided information on the design and timetable for the call in 2017. Link to VR presentation.

November 25: Meeting on NEAR application

During the meeting, the Principal Investigators outlined NEAR application and organizational structure. Meeting agenda.

June 07: Strategic meeting

During the strategic meeting, the Principal Investigators discussed the strategy outlined by VR.

The database managers presented their databases and discussed standards and procedures for data collection and storage. Strategic meeting agenda.

May 30: First Vetenskapsrådet (VR) information meeting

The Swedish Research Council (VR) held an information meeting about the requirements for the next grant call. VR outlined the strategic approach to identify priority areas, the aim of the National E-infrastructures, and the timeframe for the budget support.

February 22-23: Kick off meeting

The kick off meeting took place in Stockholm at the Aging Research Center. Kick off meeting agenda.